Choral Music Program Overview and Mission

Chantilly Chamber Chorale, 2014

This program is designed for any student in any grade with a desire to sing. It endeavors to create individuals who are active performers. The program fosters a love of music from diverse cultures, time periods, and genres while enabling students to learn and use musical notation, sight reading, and listening skills. It also puts an emphasis on choir as a group of individuals who, through a love of music, can form a community of caring individuals dedicated to sharing quality music with everyone they meet.

The mission of the Chantilly Choral Program is to educate and equip our students in the study and execution of the musical performing arts and to prepare them for a lifetime of musical experiences and personal enrichment.

The Chantilly Choral Music Program is unique and diverse in its course offerings. It is our goal to provide the broadest possible range of academic musical experiences in the discipline of choral music. Our program encompasses a range of vocal music styles and performance-based skill requirements. We strive to provide a positive and open forum to maximize student learning and achievement.

The Chantilly High School Choral Music Program began with 23 brave young ladies who started a musical adventure and set a standard of musical performance that has endured through the years. Today almost 250 students make up the ensembles of the Chantilly High School Choral Music Program.

We proudly serve our community with a diverse and exciting program that provides students with an experience extending far beyond the normal classroom. The process of notes, rhythms, style interpretation, staging, and costuming translate into a tapestry of professional-level performances that are presented at home and all across the United States.

The Chantilly Choral Music Program has received innumerable performance awards through the years. Among the most noted honors are the Virginia Blue Ribbon Award for Excellence in Music and the recent recognition of The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, naming The Chantilly High School Music Department as a "Grammy Signature School" for excellence and superior quality in music education. We are honored by this recognition and continue to strive toward these high academic and performance standards.

The Chantilly Choral Program incorporates academic guidelines for student achievement based on the Music Educators National Conference National Standards in Music Education, as well as the Fairfax County Public Schools Program of Studies and Standards of Learning for Music Education.

In addition to a highly qualified and enthusiastic performing arts staff, Chantilly High School enjoys a supportive and actively involved administrative staff.

Many students carry with them a love of music and the unique memories of their many performances and achievements in the Chantilly Choral Music Program. We also proudly recognize that a large percentage of our students have gone on to study and practice the vocal and performing arts in college and as professionals.