Chantilly Choir - Fundraising

The CHS Choral boosters have many fundraising activities throughout the school year. While some of these fundraisers are for the entire CHS Music Boosters group, the majority of the fundraisers are individual fundraisers and allow you and your choral student to raise money for his or her account.

How do individual fundraisers work?

A percentage of the profit from individual fundraisers accumulates in the student's account. If you have a student participating in the CHS Music program, 80% of the profit goes directly to your student's account.

You can obtain your student's account balance information by logging in to Charms. (Click here for instructions on how to log in to Charms.)


Great Lakes SCRIP - Ongoing
Individual fundraiser, proceeds are applied to student's account throughout the year. To participate, you purchase scrip, and receive the full amount of your payment in gift cards or gift certificates. Then a "rebate" is placed into your student's music account to be used for trips and/or fees. Rebates range from 1.5% to 17%. Each retailer's rebate is listed on the website. 80% of this rebate goes directly to your student's account and the remaining 20% will go to the Booster General Account of the group your child participates in (band, choral, orchestra, color guard.).
For full information, click to read the following:

Still have questions about SCRIP? Click to view their YouTube Video Instructions.

Car Wash - August 29, 2015, 10am-2pm. Chantilly HS Parking Lot
(Music Boosters fundraiser)

TAG Day - Saturday, September 19, 2015
(Music Boosters fundraiser)

This is the Music Department's first and largest fundraiser each year. Proceeds go toward expenses not covered by the Fairfax County School System, (eg. instruments, equipment, music, and uniforms.)

ALL Band, Chorus, Orchestra, and Color Guard students participate. Students canvass neighborhoods within the Chantilly High School District in teams of two to four, riding with a parent driver. Each student team will receive a map specifying their canvas area.

The top individual fundraisers receive a prize.

Home Football Game Concessions - Sep/Oct at home football games.
Adults only, no students. (Music Boosters fundraiser)

Claire's Gourmet Fundraiser - Begins around September.
Individual fundraiser, proceeds are applied to student's account

Florida Citrus Fruit Sale - Sale starts sometime in October; Fruit usually delivered in December. Our organization code is 927514.
Individual fundraiser, proceeds are applied to student's account

Holiday Caroling - November/December
Starting in November, the Chantilly Carolers perform their versions of holiday classics at area parties, events, restaurants and more. Chamber Chorale and ShowStoppers students who participate earn a share of the funds raised, which are applied toward their accounts. Participation is voluntary, and several practice sessions are required before Caroling gigs begin in November. If interested in participating, contact the Caroling Coordinator. More about the program and some of the performance locations is on the Chantilly Carolers page.

Jiffy Lube Live fundraising - Coincides with JLL Summer Season
Adults only, no students - proceeds are applied to student's account.
Information about this unique fundraiser.