Chantilly Choir - Information for Parents

Parents are a very important part of the Chantilly Choral Music Program.

The Chantilly Choral Music Program is unique and diverse in its course offerings. It is our goal to provide the broadest possible range of academic musical experiences in the discipline of choral music. Our program design stretches across a solid range of vocal music styles and performance-based skill requirements. We will strive to provide a positive and open forum to maximize student learning and achievement.

The mission of the Chantilly Choral Program is to educate and equip our students in the study and execution of the musical performing arts, and to prepare them for a lifetime of musical experiences and personal enrichment.

The Chantilly Choral program utilizes a website called CHARMS Office Assistant to maintain student information, choral calendar, accept payments (fees, trips, etc), maintain volunteer lists, store files, and an online store. Click to view our Charms Log-in Instructions.

This Parent Info section of the Web site provides parents with quick access to the information they typically need. If you don't find what you are looking for in the Parent Info sub-menus, please e-mail the Choral VP.