Chantilly Choir - Trips and Travel Overview

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Throughout the school year, special events and field trips are a part of our curricular experience. Some of these events and trips are for student performance and some are for educational enrichment. In all cases, they are a direct extension of our classroom. As members of a performance ensemble, students are expected to participate in all performances of their group throughout the year.

I. All after-school rehearsals leading up to a festival performance are a required part of the class.

II. All students are expected to participate in all competitive festivals that their ensemble attends during the year.

III. All school and class rules apply during all trips.

IV. The final goal or objective is not just "winning" a festival, but learning how to do what we do even better.

V. Time management and show preparation are top priorities, but so are money managment and goal-setting. (Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many fundraising projects provided throughout the year. In addition, you are responsible for your calendar and any changes to it that may occur during the school year.)

VI. Each trip is different in terms of cost and itinerary. Therefore, additional information will come out during the year.

When a student group travels, there are many responsibilities required of students and their families. Please note that we always strive to provide the highest quality of educational performance experiences for students. In addition, our travels also provide numerous activities to explore other cultural and educational experiences beyond music education. We value all of these facets of our program and offer them as part of the overall educational experience. We do our best to plan these activities well in advance and to work hard to find the best possible opportunities as they relate to the overall school calendar. Finally, travel is not inexpensive. Therefore, we urge you to plan far in advance in terms of your personal, academic and financial calendars. The payment schedule for our annual trips begins during the first week of school. In addition, fundraising programs run monthly and are vital in providing the departmental needs and easing the personal financial obligations of our families.

Please be diligent about staying up to date with the performance calendar and financial calendar. In addition, there is often a tremendous amount of paperwork associated with trip approvals and planning. When these materials come home, please complete them and return them to school in a speedy manner.


Recent Trip Videos

Atlanta 2016


Nashville 2015


New York 2013


Newsies Workshop, during New York Trip